I use photography as a tool to focus on social justice issues such as climate change, inequality and severe poverty. I have just published a Handmade limited edition photobook entitled "Arboretum Agonistes" on the importance of trees in controlling carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

I have also self published "Was Robin Hood Right?" a pictorial exploration of inequality. 

The camera has also become my diary over the past 6 years. Emile Zola once said: 

"In my view you cannot claim to have seen something until you have photographed it." 

The camera forces me to pay attention to the world. Photography can be used to enter an inner sanctum of peacefulness.  But it can also expose horrific injustice and as Picasso famously said art (and photography is art!) can and should be used as "a weapon of war"


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The Galleries show examples of my photographs as both meditation and activism.

My work has been exhibited at Luz Gallery in Victoria, The Sooke Fine art Juried show in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012 and the Together Against Poverty Societies Exhibition at the Victoria Belfrey Theatre.  It has also appeared on Lenscratch, the Tyee news website and the Lower Island news. I am also a member of the "Au Jardin" group of photographers in Victoria B.C. Canada and I have exhibited in their shows in July, 2013, and September, 2014

In October/November of 2016 I exhibited in the "Into the Magic" show at the Metchosen Community Arts Centre, Victoria BC. The magic of old growth forests in the Central Walbran Valley was the theme of this exhibition. The Walbran is currently subject to old growth logging. 

Copyright reserved and photos may not be used without my permission.